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What’s in a Name? The Unspoken Arms Race of the Cyber Security Industry

The 2016 US Government report detailing Russian malicious cyber activity named 40 separate Russian state-aligned cyber threats, drawn from security vendor marketing and research. Indeed, the advisory came with its own monicker ‘Grizzly Steppe’, bringing the names involved to 41 (plus suspected civilian groups). Despite this apparent proliferation, Russian state-aligned cyber activity is suspected to …

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APT1 – What Happened Next?

This is a story of global geopolitics, economics, and of nation-state sponsored cyber-attacks where the targets – then world leading firms – went out of business faster than the average tenure of a CEO. This is the story of APT1, three years on. Who were APT1? For those unfamiliar, APT1 (Advanced Persistent Threat) were a …

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How to Find a Super Hacker

It doesn’t matter how careful they are, ‘Super Hackers’ will leave a trace of their activities. Windows event logs, DNS logs and DHCP logs – sources not normally analysed from an attack detection perspective, all hold clues to the clandestine presence of these invaders. This is a view confirmed by Anton Chuvakin, vice president at …