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Cyber Security

Cyber Security in Plain English

It’s no secret that the infosecurity industry has a love affair with acronyms. EDR, MSSP, IDS, SIEM, AV – these are our ‘solution’ acronyms, with CNA and CNE our advanced attack ‘problem to be solved.’ But what exactly do they all mean? Is it time to decipher the acronyms and eliminate Geek Speak so everyone …

Cyber Security

Cyber skills, threat and compliance issues for UK post-Brexit

However hard you try to hide from it, someone with their own set of agendas is already trying to influence your vote ahead of the June 23 polling day. The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are both in the Remain camp, but are adamant that they profoundly disagree with each other, as …

Cyber Security

How to Find a Super Hacker

It doesn’t matter how careful they are, ‘Super Hackers’ will leave a trace of their activities. Windows event logs, DNS logs and DHCP logs – sources not normally analysed from an attack detection perspective, all hold clues to the clandestine presence of these invaders. This is a view confirmed by Anton Chuvakin, vice president at …