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Network Security (link to interview) – An in depth interview with a focus on threat hunting. What threat hunting is, why it works, how to recruit hunters, what data is needed and what good looks like.

ITV News at 10 – Comment on the Ashley Madison breach.

Share Radio (link to audio) – A profile of MWR Infosecurity, with a focus on the finance industry, breach disclosure and geopolitical motivations. I’m 13 minutes in.

Lawyer Monthly (link to interview) – An examination of the motivations behind cyber attacks on law firms, where the legal industry has been getting it wrong, and what can be done about it

Contrarisk (link to SoundCloud) – The art of threat hunting – a proactive rather than reactive approach that doesn’t rely on the attacker tripping alarms

British Computer Society (link to YouTube) – Wide ranging infosec interview covering cyber threat, impact, mitigations and public perceptions

BBC Radio 5 Live – Giving insight on what it’s like to train for the Olympic Games

Published in

SC Magazine (link to article) – ‘How to find a super hacker’

New Statesman (link to article) – ‘Cyber skills, threat and compliance issues for UK post-Brexit’

Lawyer Issue (link to article) – ‘The evidence of hackers’

Private Funds Management (link to article) – ‘A view of the threat landscape faced by the private equity sector’