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Is Cyber Security Finally Growing Up?

Cyber security and industry maturity are two phrases rarely heard together. The vendor hall gimmicks, perennial vaporware and billion dollar valuations always draw a wry smile from seasoned InfoSec professionals. Despite all this, if we look closely there’s signs emerging that the industry may actually be starting to mature. The best – and perhaps only …

Cyber Security

From Breach to Bankruptcy – How the Terminal Impact of Cyber Attacks is Accelerating

The time it takes for firms to go out of business due to cyber attack is decreasing. In 2000 it took  ten years, in 2017 it took just eight months. In fact, since 2010 the cyber attack ‘time to Terminal Impact’ (bankruptcy) has pretty much halved every two years in a twisted inversion of Moore’s …

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5 reasons why innovative security teams are creating genuine return for the business

Is it ever possible for security to be more than just an insurance policy? Every so often a security firm will have a go at trying to change perceptions – to convince its C-level target market that security can actually be more than just a cost-centre. For security to actually be an enabler – and …

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Why is the Cyber Security Industry Addicted to Marketing?

cyber marketing spend

The world’s largest cyber security firms spent startling amounts on sales and marketing last year, allocating 41% of revenue to their commercial activities. Indeed, some companies exceeded 50% and even 60%. When compared against other B2B tech firms such as Cisco, (19%) or Microsoft (17%), it’s clear that the cyber security industry is somewhat different …

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Why the Security Industry Needs to Let Go of GDPR

The cyber security industry has always been a hotbed of misinformation and falsehoods and it’s time to lift the lid on another of these – the incoming GDPR data protection legislation, coming into force in May 2018. As an industry we have been selective to the point of deceit with referencing GDPR, clamouring ‘if you …

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Cyber Security in Plain English

It’s no secret that the infosecurity industry has a love affair with acronyms. EDR, MSSP, IDS, SIEM, AV – these are our ‘solution’ acronyms, with CNA and CNE our advanced attack ‘problem to be solved.’ But what exactly do they all mean? Is it time to decipher the acronyms and eliminate Geek Speak so everyone …