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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity and the Geopolitical Fallout from Covid-19

Right now in April, the short term view for cybersecurity involves securing remote working infrastructures while responding to skyrocketing Covid-19 phishing lures. Essentially, doing what it takes to keep the organisation going, while staying safe and healthy. But as always in cyber, having an eye on the mid-to-long term is so important. Covid-19 is a …

Cyber Security

What a Difference a Breach Makes

What if there was a publicly available document that told you the relative importance that any given firm assigns to cyber security. Not just a passing nod, but genuine, top-down indication of board-level buy in. That you could just access online, for free. Could you even use it to predict the likelihood of one firm …


First-Time Parent in a Tech Firm

As in many industries, work in a fast-growing cyber-security firm can blur the lines, with conference calls at 10pm, proposal writing at midnight and 3am incidents a pretty common occurrence – traded against late morning starts and quiet days. Shortly before the arrival of my first child a year ago, I was worried about how …